Our Approach

Our Clients

We take a flexible and pragmatic approach to each assignment. We are equally comfortable recommending a retained, research-driven search as well as an advertised selection approach. We have performed retained and exclusive contingency searches and frequently represent high quality candidates on a speculative basis. All of our searches are supported by our extensive database and personal network of contacts and candidates throughout the region.

After an initial consultation to define and understand your needs, we recommend a methodology based on your preferences, the nature of the role and prevailing market conditions.

Throughout the process we offer market intelligence and guidance, as well as honest, direct feedback about target companies and short-listed candidates to assist you in the decision-making process. From the first meeting through to the offer stage, we partner with you and the candidate with the single goal of securing the best fit for your organization.


Our Candidates

We appreciate what you have achieved so far and how important the next step in your career is to you. So we are committed to making sure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed career choice. At the outset, we take the time to understand your background and short -to -long term career goals. We then identify and discuss opportunities in the market that will take you closer to your objectives. Throughout the process we provide everything you need make that next step, including market and salary advice, interview preparation and feedback, and negotiation of the final offer. All discussions are kept strictly confidential.